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Fly Swatter-Dots and Addition

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Is your preschooler tired of matching numerical numbers with dots? Is your kindergartener tired of practicing addition facts? They may be encouraged to do it correctly, but are seldom challenged to do it quickly. Fluency (correctly and quickly) in these math skills are important for children to have a solid foundation for learning other math concepts and procedures in later grades.  In this game, in order to win the fly cards, children need to figure out the answer as quickly as they can and try to be the first player to swat the answer.  The player who swats the most card wins the game.  Now practicing number matching and additions are being fun and exciting.  

Video Demonstration

Pedagogical Info

Young children benefit from recognizing dot patterns that represent numbers. Fluency in such task is important for them to visualize the meaning of numbers. It's important for them to not only match the numerical number with the numbers of dots correctly but also do it fast.  Through a fun context, this game motivate children to swat the answer card as fast as they can ( so they can win the card). 

As for kindergarteners and first graders, fluency in addition (within 20) is important for their learning of many other math concepts and math procedures, including subtraction, addition of multiple-digit-numbers, multiplication, fraction, decimals, etc. Children often have the chance to practice addition correctly, but not necessary quickly. In this game, they are motivated to swat the answer as quickly as they can. It will help them establish their fluency in addition.