Ming Math Terms of Use

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Free materials

Any content available for free on MingMath.com can be used for private or school use, but you cannot download and re-distribute our content. If you want to share our content, please link to our website.

Paid materials

You can download the materials and print them for your own personal use. You cannot re-distribute any of our content or materials, especially the content that is not free.

If you would like to share our work with your friends, please do so through the social media links listed below, or link to our website.

We understand that it's easy to download a PDF and share it with friends, but please don't do that. It takes time and money to develop and test the math games that we sell.

Schools and homeschooling groups

At the moment we don't have a pricing model for larger groups. But if you are interested in using our materials, please let us know by emailing us at support@minglearning.com.