About the Digital Number Spinner

What is it?

Random numbers are needed in many of our games. Traditional ways of getting a random number are really limited. A single die can only give numbers 1 through 6, and a pair of dice give 2 through 12, but with unequal chances of rolling each number (e.g. 7 is the most likely number to get rolled).

We decided to make a versatile and fun to use digital number spinner. You can load it on your phone or tablet to use as you play math games with your children.

How to spin

You can either click / tap on the number spinner to make it “spin” and show a random number. Alternatively, kids might enjoy swiping their finger across the spinner to make it spin. The faster the swipe, the faster it will spin (but it’s just for show, the numbers are always random)

How to set it up

By default the number spinner makes random numbers between 1 and 10. If you need something different, click the gear icon to open the settings panel.

Lowest Number

Pretty self-explanatory - this will be the lowest number that is generated

Highest Number

Almost as self-explanatory as “Lowest Number” but with one catch. Depending on what you chose for the “step” the spinner might never generate this number.


This is a more advanced option. The step determines the gap between the possible numbers that are generated. A few examples will make this clear.

By default, the step is 1, which means every whole number from the lowest number to the highest number could be generated.

Some Examples

If you had 1 as the lowest number and 10 as the highest number, the possible values generated would be 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. There is a “step” of 2 between each number.

You’ll notice we won’t ever get a 10 even though the highest number is 10. That’s because starting at 1 with a step of 2 will only give us odd numbers.

Suppose you want to generate multiples of 10 up to 100, like 10, 20, …, 100. You’d set the lowest number to 10, the highest number to 100, and the step to 10.