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Crazy Number Train

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Kids think it's hillarious to arrange the train cars in a "crazy" order, and by fixing the order, they practice the correct number sequence. This is a great game for younger children who are still working on being able to recite numbers 1 to 10 correctly.

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Pedagogical Info

Being able to recite numbers in order is one of the most foundational math skills for children. Only after a child can recite 1 to 10 in order can he or she begin to count objects laid out for them or count out a specified number of objects. Later on, this skill will help children learn to add.

This game lets children practice reciting numbers 1 to 10 in two different ways. In order to fix the “crazy” order, children must correctly recite numbers 1 through 10 while they check the numbers.

When the child needs to put the train cars in a crazy order, he or she also needs to practice counting - after all, you can’t make a crazy order unless you know what the normal order is.

The two different roles help keep things fun. Children love to try to trick their parents and siblings.