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Number Line

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Completing a number line is a simple activity that requires several different skills. Children must be able to recite numbers 1-10 in the correct order, they must be able to recognize written numbers, and they must be able to count items (in this activity, they count the dots on the pieces).

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Pedagogical Info

For preschoolers, there are several essential mathematics skills that lay the foundation for future learning of arithmetic. These skills are:

  1. reciting numbers in the correct order
  2. counting the number of items in a collection
  3. putting out a specific number of items
  4. recognizing numerical numbers.

And they need to be able to connect all these skills and construction their understanding of numbers. This game provides the context that your child will practice most of these skills: they will need to recognize the numerical numbers, put them in the correct counting order, and match the number of dots with the corresponding numbers. By doing these, they will learn to connect all these skills and build their understanding of the the numbers.